Did Thermomix leave you stewing?

image of Did Thermomix leave you stewing?

We have heard from hundreds of Australians who feel ripped off and lied to, and want a resolution to issues surrounding the launch of the new Thermomix TM5. Join our campaign and send a letter to Thermomix asking that customers who bought the old model three months prior to the launch of TM5 are given the choice of:

  • a full refund;
  • a $250 discount; or
  • an upgrade to the TM5 for $50.


Write to Thermomix

There were rumblings in the Thermosphere all year about the release of a new model. But when customers asked about the rumoured new model, Thermomix and its consultants denied there was anything on the horizon. Then on September 6, with no prior warning, the TM5 was launched, the first new model in seven years.

Customers were taking delivery of the almost $2000 old model, the TM31, as late as a day or two before TM 5 was launched. Many have reported feeling ripped off about paying full price for a soon-to-be superseded unit.

Don’t let Thermomix set a precedent in the way companies behave. Write to them demanding a resolution.


+ Email Tips

Please be curtious and polite when writing your letter.

Adding in an example of your frustration with the launch of the TM5  in the letter would add weight to your argument.

The campaign will be strongest if the resolution ask is consistent across all the letters so we recommend you keep this section as is.


Our Goal: 5000 Emails sent


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